anxiety and drug abuse

Does Anxiety Increase Risk of Drug Abuse?

The concept suspected by Manitoba researchers and written about in the Vancouver Sun is that those who have anxiety problems are more susceptible to drug abuse.

Another instance of research confirming common sense?

We can see primitive versions of this behavior in others and also in ourselves to varying degrees.  We get nervous or anxious about something and that causes us to overeat.  That is why they call it “comfort” food.   So why wouldn’t the same concept apply to drug use?  Of course it does.  Instead of food, a person may go for a beer.   Wouldn’t the same concept apply to a joint, or a harder drug for some people?  It is the same basic concept applied in of these cases – The avoidance or escape from pain!

The human brain is highly addictive.  We also know that the two greatest motivators for the human brain are getting pleasure and AVOIDING PAIN.

Feeling anxious is a sort of uncomfortable feeling – and that IS a kind of pain!

From The Vancouver Sun:

“The work by Manitoba researchers writing in the Archives of General Psychiatry, which followed close to 35,000 people, is one of the first to try to answer a longstanding question: Do anxietyridden people self-medicate because they are substance abusers, or do they become abusers because they selfmedicate?

“Self-medication in anxiety disorders confers substantial risk of incident substance abuse disorders,” wrote lead researcher Jennifer Robinson at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg and colleagues.”

There you have it! Of course, the researchers are on to something.  This is really nothing new.  It is obviously a part of human nature.  We have all experienced trying to escape from our feelings / problems by turning to chocolate, a drink,  or in many cases – something worse.  However, some personalities are more prone to doing this than others.  I think we all know that is true.

You can always submit your story to this site if you have one to share in this regard.  Keep all the information, including your name, anonymous!

Drug addiction is a serious problem.  This is just one of the many reasons why!

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Students nowadays are looking for a competitive advantage to exceed in school and this quest oftentimes leads them to the perils of addiction to certain drug stimulants. One drug in particular that is fast gaining popularity is Adderall, a psycho stimulant drug manufactured from a combination of amphetamine salts primarily prescribed to combat ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and narcolepsy. It can be bought as adderall ir (immediate release) or as an extended release tablet. However, college students are finding alternative ways to use the effects of Adderall to help them cope with the pressures and demands of university life.

Addiction to these types of drugs has alarmed the general public. Websites on natural news has also taken on an interest in the harmful effects of drug dependency to these drugs. Though most of us will not understand the stress involved in college life, understanding the different factors that contributes to adderall addiction may help us give the necessary support needed by our students to prevent them from resorting to drug stimulants.

The Final Exams

New studies reveal that almost 15% of all college students are relying on ADHD drug stimulants to give them an academic advantage. While these stimulants are meant to calm and suppress emotions amongst those afflicted with ADHD, the opposite effect is experienced by those who take this medication even without needing to. As a result, adderall intake will result in heightened focus and concentration as well as gives an energy boost to students cramming for their final exams. Though it may give temporary benefits and pull your grades up, the side effects could lead to something far worse than failing in your exams.

Making Varsity

College students oftentimes paint a picture of the football quarterback or the beautiful cheerleader. College life today is not just purely defined on academics but also on excellence in sports and athletic activities. Taking drugs to boost energy has been very common in professional sports and this has cascaded down to the collegiate level. Recent scandals include major league baseball players being associated with ADHD drug stimulants to excel in their game.

Weight Loss

As our society becomes more defined by physical appearance, students face an added pressure of trying to keep up with this unreasonable standard leading us to the other reason why some students get hooked on adderall, and that is to lose weight. As this drug suppresses one’s appetite, it can easily and drastically make you lose excess pounds.

As we live in a society that places emphasis on grades, performance and physical appearance, some students may resort to any means necessary to rise to these expectations.



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