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Welcome to!

We’ve set up a sharing community here – a place for the anonymous sharing of addiction recovery stories – both good and bad.

The idea here is to create an open platform for you to tell your story – in the hope that it will inspire, educate, and maybe even entertain, the rest of the recovery community.


Personal Stories Of Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery

We’ve all been in the darkest depths of either alcohol or drug abuse here – there is no shaming.

*Every* post from our contributors is 100% anonymous, and always will be.

All posts are sent directly to admins via our Contact details, for review and potential publishing.

There is no membership platform, and no usernames or other potentially unwanted privacy issues here.

Likewise, if you submit a post, and want it taken down later – that’s fine too, just message the admins.



Are you ready to share *your* story?

Or maybe just an excerpt.

It doesn’t have to be a work of art, or a War & Peace sized novella to make an impact on others.

Be honest, and be real. Your peers will thank you.

This is kind of like an online version of sharing at an AA/CA/NA meeting, if you like.


To reach us direct, use the Contact page, or, email us direct at – we don’t bite! Say hello, pitch your idea, tell us about your slice of recovery – it will help others!